Everything You Wanted to Know About Mail Order Brides

To start a relationship nowadays, you need to make a minimum of effort. Many dating platforms offer their services where you can find both a sexual partner and a life partner on bebemur. But, obviously, this is not enough, as the industry of bride ordering continues to develop dynamically in many countries.

It may seem strange, but there are many men in the world who are ready to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get an almost unfamiliar bride from another country. 

Who Are Mail Order Brides? 

These are the girls looking for marriage who post their profiles on the websites and are desperately waiting for a foreign bridegroom who will take them abroad. Girls are usually very cute and beautiful. A bride from a poor country is a perfect option for a man who believes that a woman shouldn’t have ambitions, but she should be young and energetic.

In the 19th century, teen mail order brides came from well-developed areas in the East to marry men in the West. In the 20th century, those ladies who lived in developing countries wanted men from more developed countries. In the 21st century, women search for men on the Internet.

But unfortunately, among the hot mail order brides, there are a lot of swindlers who make men fall in love with them and lure their money. 

Best Countries to Look for Brides 

If a man doesn’t have a woman, he can change the situation and start a family, looking for overseas brides.


What is a Russian mail order bride? In Russia, there are more than 500 dating services on which more than 60 thousand women are available for choice by foreign men. These women are considered the best and this is true. 


There are many reasons to choose a Vietnamese bride. They are elegant, delicate, and have sophisticated beauty. After the war, which was on the territory of this country, interracial marriages became commonplace. The world community has noticed this trend, and men reached the still poorly explored local bride market.


Due to the political and economic chaos in Ukraine in recent years, the industry of dating continues to gain momentum. Every day, hundreds of foreigners look for Ukrainian mail order brides.  


Traditionally, Brazilians are famous for their beauty due to their perfect forms, far from the podium standards of thin young ladies. For a healthy body, beautiful hair, big eyes and always optimistic mood, girls from Brazil have become the dreams of many men. There is someone to choose from. By the way, in Brazil, there is the largest number of different ethnic groups.


Indian girls are good at everything: appearance, attitude to their husbands, and reverence for parents. But their religion often doesn’t coincide with European and American beliefs, which can lead to conflict. And inside the country, it is customary to get married with the help of matchmakers. If a man decides to meet a beautiful woman in a sari, it is better to contact a matchmaking agency.

What Is the Price of the Bride Ordering? 

If a site offers bride ordering, then most likely, it is used by no less than about 20 million people. How do mail order brides work? Men pay for chatting with girls, pay a subscription fee for visiting the resource or purchase various additional services, such as providing VIP status or getting the opportunity to watch +18 category video. Many wealthy men spend thousands of dollars annually on such virtual communication.

Then the company rents a restaurant or a large office so that a man can communicate directly with hundreds of candidates. All services cost differently. For example, one such agency offers to organize the trip to Vietnam with the choice of the beautiful mail order brides and unpretentious wedding for just 5000 dollars. The entire trip, according to company managers, will take no more than a week.

How to Find a Mail Order Bride 

What are mail order brides? Now you know. Usually, girls dream of marrying a foreigner. However, today many men are looking for their soulmates not at home but abroad.

Use special sites

These sites specialize in finding a bride abroad. They have an office in a large city, in which foreign partners contact for a specific purpose. This is a good chance to find your happiness because girls come to agencies with a formed goal; they are ready for a long and serious relationship. 

Give the necessary documents

Are mail order brides illegal? It is legal if you do it according to the law. In the agency, the first thing they do is check the documents, find out why the person has come to them. They offer to undergo several psychological tests and describe the right partner, as well as indicate the goal – “dating for a serious relationship,” “for marriage,” “dating with foreigners.” By the way, mentally unbalanced people craving something strange, may not pass the tests.


Then the search for potential candidates and the organization of acquaintances and dates begin. Clients are shown photos of candidates, talk about their lives. If everything is fine, then a man receives the phone number of a girl and an appointment is made. 

Have a virtual date

Make not one but several virtual dates with a bride from Ukraine (or any other girl). After it, clients inform the company about their impressions of the meeting.

Meet a girl in your country 

If the previous stages are successful, an agreement is drawn up with the client. In this case, no one gives a guarantee of marriage. The agency only provides a sufficient number of suitable candidates within the agreed period (usually 2-6 months). 

Tips on Dating Mail Order Brides 

Modern technologies make it possible to communicate with anyone even if your future bride is on the other side of the Earth. So, how to get a mail order bride?

Don’t be rude 

Give compliments, cute messages, light hints. Use irony and humor. Try to make Russian mail order brides (or others) feel special. She is number 1 in the world. But don’t turn to rude flattery when chatting with a girl. Your communication should inspire her. 

Be honest

Honesty is one of the most important things in building a good relationship. Don’t try to deceive her. If she finds out that you are a liar, she might think, “Why do I need this man? He is unreliable!”

Create a good opening line

The girl will not pay attention to you if you are banal. Therefore, it’s better to write interesting comments on her photo or send an unusual message that she wants to reply to. Everything looks natural, and girls love it. Banal questions often push girls away, so forget about it.

Don’t treat her like an accessory

In their desire to make a girl pleasant, men very often make such a mistake. Women don’t like it! Communicate with her on an equal footing, but don’t overdo it, she is still a woman.

Learn to listen

Listen more to the girl and ask questions. This is really important if you want to interest her. Girls love to talk about everything. So, listen to them carefully. This will add you extra points.

If you doubt whether you need sexy mail order brides, then don’t worry. There are many happy ends among such stories. There are cases when a man found his happiness by marrying a beautiful, smart, and kind woman thanks to such a dubious method of dating.